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Greetings lifeforms! We are the Space Neighbors, a friendly gathering of humanoids writing music for other humanoids. Join us!

We hail from the vortex of South Corvallis Oregon to craft a heady blend of dancey funk, meaningful lyrics, and improvisational fun. What do we sound like...? It's hard to pick a genre, so we call these songs "Retro Future Classics". Music your future self is already dancing to!

Come find us playing the local spots in Corvallis as well as lovely random places about the Willy Valley. What, you say you have a gig!? Click the button!

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For all the creatures and the bugs and plants! And all the features of this land! This is our vibe. We are here to not just bring the party, but to help create a Space for all Neighbors! 

Which Way's Up

Space Neighbors

Available on iTunes, Spotify, and many other streaming services.

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