Space Neighbors

Where Did They Come From!?

Welcome to the Space Neighborhood! We have been performing original music based out of Corvallis, Oregon since 2009. We play funky eclectic music we like to call “retro future classics” which crosses multiple genres and soundscapes. We're your future self's favorite band! We have developed a strong Corvallis area following based on the principles of universal peace, love, and sweaty ecstatic dancing. Help us bring the Space Neighbors to your neighborhood!

The Space Neighbors are:
The Nick of Time (Nick Rivard) - Guitar, vocals
Rigel VII (Rigel Woodside) - Drums, vocals
Yohan Solo (John Navarro) - Bass, vocals

Featured Neighbors:
Melanie Moonbeam (Melanie Reid) - Vocals
Jennatronix (Jenna Summer Smith) - Vocals
The Cosmic Brain (Brian Myers) - Saxophone